How to enhance your employment prospects as a graduate

Finding the ideal job for you may be difficult. As a student, you should of spent time during your course figuring out the right career path for you, and though things can change along the way, planning out your future can serve as great motivation, and eventually help you find your way up the employment ladder.

It is a tough time to find the perfect job. Many graduates attempt to find jobs within the subject area they have studied and struggle due to the competitiveness of the market. Others have been floating through life and are relatively clueless with regards to what they want to do when they finish.

Both of these positions often result in the same outcome; students entering roles which are either unsuitable or below their standards. This will lead to unhappiness in the workplace and therefore life. In order to ensure a successful and joyous path, it is important to be proactive and do your best to follow some of the tips outlined below.


One of the most important aspects of finding lucrative employment is research. This extends beyond researching the individual companies you are applying for, where it is important to research in order to determine the sector you’re interested in working in, the type of job you aspire to find within that sector and the specific attributes and skills necessary to succeed in that profession. Through research and advancing your understanding, you will be in an advantageous position.

Build your network

Often in business it’s who you know, rather than what you know. Through building a network of friends and professionals, you boost your chances of being offered positions from various angles. Sometimes this will come from the most unlikely source, but everyone needs a route into the industry.

Tailor your application to the job specification

Recruiters hate generic resumes. When applying for a certain role it’s important to observe the skills they are looking for in an individual and tailor your resume to include said skills. This way, when the recruiter scans your resume, he’ll see relevant attributes that fit the job they’re recruiting for. Failing to do so shows a lack of effort, and suggests you might not be suitable for the role, even when you might be. The idea is to do everything in your power to appear like the perfect candidate for the role you are applying for.

Study for a Master’s

In a tough employment market, furthering your education is probably the best option. There are numerous opportunities to become an expert within your subject, where you have the opportunity to specialize in something of personal interest. By doing so, you will separate yourself from those who are all applying for the same position, where having a Master’s on your resume speaks volumes about who you are as a person. It will also equip you with the advanced skills you need to be successful in the industry. Study a VU’s distance learning MBA today if you’re business minded, in order to significantly enhance your employability and personal attributes.

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